June 18th, 2015

First Meeting

*FOUND* Steve/Tony & Team, Steve hasn't woken up or even moved

I'm looking for an older fic, I'm sure the main pairing was Steve/Tony.

Basically Tony leaves Steve sleeping in bed, after a battle with bad guys the day before. Hours later he discovers that not only is Steve still sleeping, he hasn't even changed position. He can't wake Steve, and the team is called in. Steve isn't just sleeping, he's in a coma from the engery expenditure the day before, possibly being injured?, and going to bed (and possibly burning more calories during sex?) without eating. Once they figure this out, they can treat it and Steve eventually wakes and Tony takes care of him.

*Found!* Link in the first comment!

General Fic Rec

I've recently pulled a friend of mine into the Avengers fandom and they asked for some fic recs. I'm relatively new to the fandom myself and don't know that many fics.

The parameters so far are:
- no slash
- humor
- nothing explicit
- no AUs
- okay ships are Tony/Pepper, Natasha/Clint, and Steve/Peggy
- focus on The Avengers (for example, no Winter Soldier fics)


Hawkeyes, Thor, the Team, and the SCA

I just read an unfinished series of shorts called, 'Quiet Moments'.  One of the stories has the team following Clint to his yearly event with the Society for Creative Anancronism.  I can really see Hawkeye feeling right at home with the SCA, and Thor fitting in himslef and finding lots of fans. Any other stories where Clint is in his own such place, and Thor too.  I do remember one story were the team stumbles into an SCA event, not knowing Clint is already there as a participent.

Steve/Tony friendship

I'm looking for some really good tony/Steve FRIENDSHIP (no slash please!!).
Maybe some hurt tony and protective Steve....maybe they start off rocky and them become friends.

But really just some well written friendship please

Thank you!!