June 21st, 2015


Specific search

I'm looking for a ficlet that was probably on tumblr, I'd originally thought somewhere like Imagine Steve Rogers although I can't find it on there.

The basic prompt/premise was the Steve is silent during sex, and is aware that sometimes his partners might like to hear noise/he hears general talk that implies this. When Bucky comes back, they become a couple and Steve try to practice making sex noises by himself so he can do the same during sex with him although when it actually happens it's all driven from his head with how it feels and he's his usual quiet self. Afterwards, Bucky tells him how it'd been almost overwhelming for him, from the sensory stimulus, and Steve thinks that maybe it was a good thing that he'd been quiet.

Anybody recognise this?

Rhodey (or Steve)/Tony, boarding school, Tony is bullied and hides under tables

Hello there!
So I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago.
It was set in either a high school or a boarding school (pretty sure it was the latter) and Tony was, of course, younger than everybody else and tended to get bullied so he hid from the people who bullied him, mostly under tables. Rhodey (or Steve) is walking along one day and hears a kid crying and finds Tony hiding. Tony, being Tony, denies the fact that he is crying but Rhodey/Steve isn't the type of person to leave a little kid when he's upset, so they end up being friends.
Sorry that it isn't much to go on. Hope I can read it again.
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