June 23rd, 2015

Tony Sleepwalks


I'm looking for a specific fic centering on a sleepwalking Tony. In this fic, Tony is sleepwalking around the Tower returning shoes to the Avengers with a very amused Steve escorting him around. I believe Steve and Tony were together. As the fic progresses, Steve finds Tony has sleptwalked himself to the roof of the Tower and is standing at the edge. Steve yanks him out in time, and walks a very shocked Tony back to bed. I am 100% sure I read this on AO3. I've been scouring Scavange4Dreams and scifigrl47's accounts, I think one of them is the author, but I'm just a tad sleep deprived and running on coffee. Thanks!

Looking for a Coulson fic

I've been looking for a fic where Coulson is accidentally deaged by Tony and Bruce. In the fic, Tony and Bruce are messing around in one of the labs. I think the plan (at least Tony's) was to shrink Coulson but instead they turn him into a kid. Loki ends up at the tower as well and ends up saving young Coulson 3 times before "dying."