June 29th, 2015

fic rec search: Steve/Bucky, Sarah knows

I thought I'd double-check whether or not a fic like this existed before I went and did something permanent like write it myself:

MCU canon setting, Sarah Rogers (and maybe Winifred Barnes?) is aware that Steve and Bucky are an item, even though they may be going to lengths to hide it from her. Her feelings on the subject would ideally be neutral-to-positive (her condemning it is, frankly, something I wouldn't read).

Anyone know of a fic like this?
Hit Girl

Angry Steve Recs

It occured to me that I love both reading and writing fics where Steve gets into a truly righteous snit. Obviously most of those fics contain an element of protectiveness over Bucky (and I would love recs to include this!), but the protective Steve tag on AO3 isn't quite as specific as I'd prefer. I'm looking for fics where Steve gets justifyably angry (or not so justifyably, I'm not looking for Saint Steve, just angry Steve) and expresses it. It could be silent seething leading to broken punch bags, or graphic descriptions of fight scenes, just anything thing where Steve's canon anger issues are a big part of the story, or at least important enough to be a memorable scene.

I'm not particularly looking for dark!Steve, but Steve allowing his anger to take him to dark places is fine. No outright villain!Steve though, I'm looking for representations that feel close to canon. Any genre of fic is fine, long or short, gen or slash, but please no het pairings. I don't mind references to canon, but no fics that focus on Steve/female love interest in a relationship.

Steve/Bucky is my otp, so Stucky recs would be great, and I prefer top!Bucky but I'm not particularly bothered for this search, as I'm looking for more plot than smut.

Absolutely no Steve/Tony fics please, and I'd prefer that if anger is directed at Tony, that it's not a woobie!Tony fic where Tony can suddenly do no wrong yet Steve is written as a borderline abusive ass. Honest representations of human nature and flaws is what I'm after; no single character needs to be painted as perfect or unremitting evil. I just like fics where Steve gets his 'Hulk smash' on.

Fic Rec Search:Team Fic, Kid Fic, Fix it

Hi all,
Love this comm.  It is summer vacation and I have time to read fic now.  I've gone through all the relevant tags on here looking for new fic and now I would like to pick the brains of the comm members more specifically.  There are certain things I don't want that can make fic searched by tag on places like AO3 difficult. I don't want:

  • Slash

  • Het Smut

Otherwise various pairings are fine.  I would love some recs in the general catergories of:

  1. Team Fic.  Any time frame not including AoU I'm okay with spoilers, but I havren't actually seen the movie yet.

  2. Any of the Avengers as kids whether deaged or AU.  I am currently particulaly fond of Culson raising Clint.  Or the Avengers raising kids.

  3. Any type of fix-it fic for sad moments in cannon such as Steve/Peggy

  4. Unique stories that are long and have a good plot.

I know those are very general and that is on purpose to cast a wide net,

Thanks in advance.
Bettie Gagged

2 fics - Bucky bears, and Steve talking marks with Pepper

Hi all,

I'm looking for two fics that it's driving me nuts that I can't find.

1) Bucky is recovering and sneaking out of the Tower. Turns out he's ordering bears (ala Bucky bear) for children in a sick kids ward. Steve ends up finding out and goes in with him one day and one of the kids has died. I'm not even sure if the pairing is Stucky, tbh, or if it's get or Steve/someone else.

2) This one is a bit fuzzier. Steve has just explored rougher sex with someone (Seriously can't remember who, and it's bugging me.) and has marks on his neck and shoulders. He's in the kitchen and Pepper sees them and he's all OMG and she tells him that Tony gets/got rougher and that she enjoys seeing the marks. I can't remember if she actually had them (aka is with Tony) or did. I wish I had more for this one!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!