July 2nd, 2015

  • jo_lee

2 specific fics and a general search

Hi, I'm looking for a story where Tony's invented something to (I think) cheaply and easily purify water and Bruce is thinking about how Tony solved two of the world's biggest problems - energy (with the arc reactor) and water - in his spare time. I think it's just the opening scene of the story and I can't remember anything else about it but I'd love to read it again.

I'm also looking for a story where Tony gives Loki a drink at the end of Avengers and everyone looks disapproving when he has one as well but it isn't alcohol. Any other stories where he give's Loki that drink would be good too.

For a general search, I'm looking for any stories that show the kindness behind Tony's façade. I'd be happy if it's to the team but I'd particularly love something like Tipping Point or Nikolai (Fury of the Avenger's Tower) where's it's just random acts of kindness.

I'll read gen or any pairing, although I prefer Tony/Steve.
Many thanks :o)