July 3rd, 2015

Yunho Weary

LF Recs - Bruce and Steve

I'm currently working on a Bruce/Steve fic and I need a break from my own headspace for a while.

Does anyone know any good fics that focus on Bruce and Steve and their relationship, be it platonic or romantic?

Stark Spangled Banner (or any other threesome featuring Bruce and Steve as 2 parts of the group) fics aren't really what I'm looking for, but in a pinch they'll do.


(mods, there isn't a bruce/steve pairing tag, so I just did the characters instead. Also, since it's an open genre/theme rec, I didn't specify that in the tags either.)

Looking for Steve-centric stories

I am looking for any story that has Steve Rogers dealing with the press.

I am also looking for any story where the Avengers find out that they don't really know Steve Rogers. Any story where people find out that there is only a Captain America because there's a Steve Rogers.

Also, any story where Steve can lift or more Thor's hammer would be great as well.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Maximoff Twins

Hey yall. I was hoping to find some recs around the newest members of our beloved avengers. I like anything (Clint/Quicksilver is a thing, a cute thing) but am especially looking for any fics where the twins are under hydras control with no volunteering or they weren't told everything about it. Team reactions to their past treatment under hydra as well!! Thanks :) (no tags for the twins can we get those added)