July 5th, 2015

Tony fics

Hey y'all
Now we all know that there's more to Tony stark than the snarky, irresponsible man whore that the media (in the marvel world) paints him out to be. He's incredibly selfless and caring, loves deeply and would do anything for the ones he cares about. I'm looking for stories focused around this please. Fics showcasing Tony's selflessness or fics showing his caring/protective side. I don't mind either gen or slash (any pairing), provides it's along these lines. Just show me fics that show Tony's other side :)

Specific search

I'm looking for a fic set after CAtWS, which I can only remember one scene from. In it, Natasha leaves Sam & Steve to go looking for Clint to see how he is after Shield's fall and finds him in his apartment where he's ripped off/removed the shield logo from everything he owns- clothing, tac gear, weaponry, EVERYTHING, including a knife he was so proud of that he'd won off (or been gifted by?) an older agent some time ago.

Anyone recognise this?
Found in comments!

Specific steve/Tony Fic

This stony fic is centered around tony and natasha speaking italian all the time in front of steve because they think he doesn't understand it and steve is very jealous because they are always talking about tony's sweetheart. It's pretty short and on ao3... would very much appreciate any help!

Also always looking for new stony fan favorites. Feel like I've exhausted the classics and need to move on!

Specific scene search

Looking for yet another fic where I can only remember a tiny scene from it:

Tony had made something for Clint, possibly arrowheads, and was giving them to him while talking with Steve & Natasha. They ask/tease why he doesn't give Natasha any presents and he replies that he doesn't make/give people things they can use to kill him. Natasha tells him that she can use anything he gives her to kill him, to which he fires back 'exactly!', although they're both being good-natured about it. Later on I think he upgrades her Widow's bites for her?

It was on Ao3, and possibly part of a long fic.

9/9/15 edit: Found it, Honey, I can see the stars
avengers loki

fic search

All I remember is one small little bit and I image the fic was of either the long or super long so apologies.

Loki is living at the Tower and he pranks everyone but Tony (I think) and he's a little harsh to Cap because Cap's always nice to him until Tony points out that Cap is just nice. Loki still pranks but less so on Cap after that.

And that's seriously all I have. Anyone?