July 11th, 2015

Fic Search : Steve & Bucky


I was wondering if you could help me find a story.
I dont remember where I found it, it might be on Ao3, LiveJournal or Fanfiction . net. I remember this part where tony and steve where being interviewed/talking to the press and tony kisses steve and steve gets angry and tony thinks its because steve is homophobic.
I remembered steve telling tony that he had loved a man back in 1940's and tony saying something like. "Knowing you it was either the dullest guy or a bad boy." I've been looking for this fic for months now, I would be really grateful if can help me out.


Hello my darlings, so I have recently read this amazing bucky/Tony fic called full disclosure and it was simply put amazing.

And so now I'm craving this ship which is creeping on me like you won't believe.
So please rec away and fics not from ao3 are largely appreciated

style="font-size: 0.9em">Also I truly love Bucky so if there is a fic with him without this ship that you feel I should read please rec</span></s>.
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Avengers raising Kid!Avengers

I just recced All the Leaves are Brown to someone, where WS!Bucky raises Tony after Howard and Maria's deaths...

Now I wondering if anyone can rec me more of this type. You know, where Phil raises Clint, or Bucky raises Tony, Steve raising Peter, or Teen!Thor raising Baby!Loki, or Nick Fury raising Steve/Bucky (these are examples I HAVE already read), so I know they are out there... just I have no idea how to go about finding them. Please no 'incest' between parent and kids.

AUs are welcome (obviously), but no de-aging. MPreg will also do, as long as it's NOT Mpreg!Bucky (yes, there is a series where Nat is Bucky's bio mpreg-daughter).

My preferred pairings are Nat/Clint, Steve/Bucky but I'm pretty flexible about it, with exception of Steve/Tony and Nat/Bruce (NO Steve/Tony or Nat/Bruce).

P.S. If there is a Peggy Carter (and husband) raising Sharon fic, I'll give you my first-born.

JARVIS protects Tony's feelings

I jsut read a story where Tony is hurt that the team forgot his birthday and at the end JARVIS threatens a bit of payback of they forget again next year.  (Search the AO3 archives 6-2-15 to find it.)  That got me wondering if there were any stories where JARVIS actually did get vengeful against the team for hurting Tony, not so much physically (that too), but hurt his feelings by dissing him or leaving him out of a team outing or just ignoring him when he tries to do something special for them.  I've read stories where they treat him badly (any new ones welcome here BTW), but what I'm looking for now is where JARVIS and/or Dummy, You, and Butterfingers step up to protect their 'daddy' from any further hurt.

new SI employee falls for Jarvis

I'm looking for a story where the central character is a young woman who is just starting a job at Stark Industries.  The story is tole in either first person or third person singular.  I think she a delivery person, with a bike or moped right outside here garage office.  Jarvis is her main contact and they become good friends.  She thinks he's a young guy with agoraphobia holed up in an office somewhere, not realizing until the very end of the story that Jarvis is an AI computer.  She meets, I think, Pepper first, during her job interview, then Steve on the street when she gets sideswiped and crashes her bike.  She meets and becomes friends with Clint, Tony, and the rest of the team.