July 17th, 2015

Steve and Tony Captured, Steve Starves

Recently I posted a prompt to Avengerkink, and someone replied with a description of an RTYI fic that was indeed relevant to my interests, but I haven't had any luck finding the fic!

The fic was described as: "I wish I could find the link, there's one that's almost RTYI that I read once where Tony and Steve were taken hostage and didn't want to give away that Steve wasn't just a civilian companion... but then the author used Steve's increased metabolism against Steve and had him nearly die of hunger and thirst before the two of them were rescued."

Also, if you have any recs for fics involving Steve's metabolism working against him, I'd be much obliged; I love that trope.
  • vinib

Loki/Von Doom fic recs

I read this lovely Loki-Mpreg yesterday, where Loki decides to go for World Domination by sleeping as many Superpowered people as possible and birthing his own Super-Jotun army of rugrats. But what I loved most was the Loki/Von Doom slow-building dynamic where Vic starts being loving a surrogate dad to Loki's monster-kids (Doombots as nannies, ftw!).

I wondering if there are any more Loki/Von Doom where they are a loving/caring fluffy couple... while being evil geniuses hell-bent on world domination.
  • vinib

Slutty/Sexual Loki fic recs

As of yesterday, I'm on a BAMF!Loki kick. So, I'm looking for recs where Loki makes lots and lots of informed choices about his Sexuality, sleeping his way through the Marvel Universe. Something along the lines of Loki Makes Love and Babies (And forgets the War part) Not necessarily MPreg though

He could be slutty as hell (very literally Pansexual), or maybe he thinks that sleeping (in case of Chitauri/Jotunheim) will get him what he wants, or maybe he thinks it's a way of getting him allies (Loki/Villians maybe)... but he makes those decisions of his own violation (no consent issues).

Threesomes and Gangbangs are also fine as long Loki is getting banged and it's all completely consensual. No Loki/Avenger end game though (except Hulk/Loki, I ship Hulk/Loki).

P.S. Could you warn for Hard Kinks (BDSM, bathroom-play, pain-play) if it's not already?

Hawkeye in LARP

I'm looking for a story I read once and, of course, can't find again.  One of the problems is that, while I know what the term means, that's not part of my life or any one close to me.  Clint (and Phil?)  is off taking time on his own.  The Avengers go off somewhere and discover that's where Hawkeye is, a well know member of a yearly LARP group.