July 18th, 2015

Clint is bi-polar

I was sure the "Clint is bi-polar" was either the title or subtitle of the series but I've looked in Archive of our Own, here at averngers-search, and my own files with no results.  Does anyone remember this series where Phil and Clint become close (can't recall if he's just his handler and friend or if they're lovers) and Phil gives Clint the support he needs while trying to determine the right combination of drugs to compat his bi-polar disorder.  I'm tagging it Clint hurt, but the hurt is more mental/emotional than physical.

Odin makes Tony immortal by throwing something

A long time ago I read a Loki/Tony one where after some time Tony is granted immortality but Tony does not accept, but s he is so good for Loki Odin just throws something at him in midair and he gets immortal. I know it is vague and I do not know if it ever got finished or not as there was no way in to Subscribe for updates at that time. I'm searching for it for a long time but there are so many stories out there and it is driving me crazy. LOL.
Can someone help? Other recs in that style are also appreciated. I love to read.