July 19th, 2015

Shield academy loki hates people series

I had PDF copies of this wonderful series sheild academy loki hates people by blueberry01120 the first one is still at archive of our but I was wondering if any one had copies of the other parts of the series and would please send them to me a kkoehn16@gmail.com. I also need help finding a fic all I remember is loki is helping the avengers fight thanos and is mortal and he gets really hurt and they agree to become immortal to save him and Frigga had made him a blanket or something with stars on it I thank

Tony Steve Kidnapped Arc Reactor

Alright, first off~ It's my birthday! So as a present could any kind soul please help me find a specific fic involving kidnapped (by Hammer?) Steve and Tony? It could have been part of something bigger. I know for a fact that it wasn't the main focus of the fic, but I recall it very vividly. The arc reactor is removed and Steve manages to shove it back in, but the shrapnel has already shifted too much and fails to assist. He panics and starts shouting at Tony, "I put it back in Tony. I put it back in! That means you have to get better Shellhead." Tony wakes up in the hospital and Steve reveals it had blocked an artery or some such and "I nearly lost you again!" Cue love admission and ensuing happily ever after!
I don't know what became of this fic. I could have sworn I saved it forever, but clearly I hit a speedbump somewhere.
Anywho~ Thanks in advance for any help!



Could you please suggest stories of a Frostiron nature? Any of them would be great, but I'm looking for stories with Loki protective of Tony. Any rating, complete/in-progress...it's all good.

Thank you!