July 20th, 2015

What had happened was

Steve/Tony - Making Tony an Omega


I am looking for a fic I read a while back that had Tony showing up at the manor after a battle, or some outing, only to find the whole team lying in wait. The team had a spread of dynamics, and the other members had concluded that Tony would be the best omega for the team. The rest of the story covers Tony's change.

Thanks for the help!

Old & new searches

I'm looking for a fic that includes a scene where Bucky's telling Steve about a mission during his time with Hydra (or possibly the Russians?) where his programming slipped slightly- the target was a young blonde man who he ended up going on the run with for a short time before his handlers caught up with them. Steve somehow assumed that Bucky had fallen in love with the guy and that it was a sad memory, but Bucky was more cheerful about it, saying that it had been mostly a physical diversion and he didn't mourn him.

[13/8/15 edit: found it, chapter four of Why Then Oh Why Can't I]

Also, linking this search again, because I've still not found it.