July 28th, 2015

Darcy/Tony Soulmate AU: Coffee Maker

Help!! I am trying to find this fic, and I know that it is chapter in a large fic that is just a one-shot for each chapter, but it is a soulmate au with tony/darcy. Basically Darcy has had the same coffee maker all throughout college and new mexico, and wakes up one morning to find that Tony has replaced it with a Stark coffee maker, so she picks it up and takes it down to the lab where Tony, Pepper and Jane are, and drops it to the floor and then hits it with a sledgehammer. I think her words to Tony are like "Give me back __ or I will cut you" and then Pepper starts laughing and saying that this was too perfect, and then Tony's words were like, "Wait, you named your coffee maker __". And then Darcy tells him she will kiss him if he gives he back the coffee maker in the requisite amount of type etc.

So yeah, I am pretty sure it is a single chapter in a large fic full of one-shots but for the life of me I cannot find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Specific Steve/Tony, Steve reads fanfic

Steve is in Tony's lab while he works, quietly reading. He ends up throwing his laptop/tablet, and is 'upset' about the Stony fic he's been reading and how dumb he looks in it. He's exaggerating how upset he is, kind of did it on purpose to bring the topic up with Tony. They end up together/banging.

Tony meeting multiple Steves

I looking for a fic that i think was on AO3.
I Think the main story line is thatTony meeting multiple versions of Steve in some kind of separate detention only populated by Steve, they try to get him back to his universe while working agains another group of stoves that have another agenda.
They were all different and the scene I can remember was that Tony and a group of Steve had put
President!Steve together with a depressed one ( I think he may have died during WW2) and he had calmed President!Steve down with his depressed worldview.
Another scene( i think it's the very first) is Tony walking around in a fog like place where he meets a alternate!Steve for the first time.

I hope this is helpful=)


[FOUND]LFS: de-aged Loki, good!Laufey, Odin!bashing, protective!Avengers/Thor

Hello there! I've searched everywhere and for the life of me I can't find it(not even in my history*sulks*). Anyway, it was post-Avengers, where Loki is taken to Asgard for his punishment/trial. A spell is used on him, to a time before he turned "evil". To everyone's shock, he turned into a child. I can't remember the reason, but Thor takes him to Midgard, where he slowly bonds with the Avengers and they learn of his abuse and neglect from Odin and Asgard(Thor never knew). The main scene I remember is that Loki and Tony are sledding down a hill, Loki looking to the sky saying they are "calling me home" before being taken by frost giants. Laufey is very protective and learns of the abuse by Odin.

Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: Found! in comments!

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I'm looking for good, long stories that focus on Loki. Fics where he redeems himself or was abused by odin, or even the sort where Thor's a big jerk, like the stories Wandering child and Lost Boys, or bargaining. Really angsty stuff. For this genre I'd prefer gen but I don't mind slash or het. I don't mind WiP if it is a long fic, really, I'm just looking for all the best loki fic's. I've looked up Loki on AO3 and but you get a really mixed bag when you do it that way, lol. Rec lists would be awesome, if you know of any.