July 31st, 2015

Looking for a fic

You guys have been great evrytime I'm looking for something, I'm hoping you can help me one more time.

I recently remembered this story I read awhile ago, it was about Tony who was lost in the attic when he was a kid and raised by wolfs. He finds Steve and defrosts him.

Thinking Steve is his mate he latches on to him and When Steve finds away home and to Howard, he takes Tony with him.

There was Good Father!Howard and he and Maria were still alive and had two more kids.

If this rings any bells please let me know thank you

Tony goes back in time a pretends to be his Uncle Edward


I'm looking for a Steve/Tony fic. When they first meet Steve is all excited to learn about Howard and Edward from Tony, and almost devastated to learn Edward died a drunk. Then they get together, an accident happen in the workshop and Tony gets sent back to the 1940s. He ends up in Howard's workshop and pretends to be his nephew. He ends up working with Howard on Rebirth and then meets Steve in London. They fall in love, but Steve thinks Tony is Edward. Tony has to get Howard's help building a time machine, and in the process they mend fences. When Tony gets back to the present Steve tells him he figured it out the first time they kissed.

It was an awesome story and I'm really miffed I lost the bookmark.

Any ideas? THANKS!!!