August 10th, 2015

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Hi guys, i hope you can help, this is driving me up the wall.

I have no information about this story, other than the one line from Coulson in the middle of Avengers Tower, trying to deal with the team, where he says "...I will shoot the coffeemaker and bask in your screams."

Found: Super Soldier Serum in all Avengers +Coulson -Thor

Looking for a fic where it is discover that Tony, Phil, Clint, and Clint's brother Barney are the only survivors of an experiment where unscrupulous scientist test the super soldier serum on children. I think Tony was 10, Phil was 12, Clint was 5 and Barney was 7. Howard Stark did not know of the experiments and put a stop to them when he found out. Natasha has the red room serum and Bruce has the Hulk serum. I think it was on ArchiveofOurOwn.

Found in comments.

Steve goes into subdrop after battle


I'm looking for a story where Steve goes into subdrop after battles. It's Steve/Tony, eventually Steve/Tony/Bucky. I seem to remember Tony and Bucky having a conversation about how Steve was in subdrop after the train and that's why he flew the Valkyrie into the ocean.

Thank you for your help!

Edited: 8/12/2015, because autocorrect thinks "subdrop" should be "subgroup" go figure.