August 14th, 2015


Search: Specific Team fic

I am looking for a specific story that is Post Avengers and a Team fic. I am pretty sure I read it on AO3. In this fic SHEILD in general blames Clint for events in Avengers . One part of the plot is that their is a member of the World Security Council that tries to get Clint killed because when he was a mercenary Clint killed his daughter. The team and Fury back Clint up.
Any ideas?
  • tabbica

How Tony and Steve become friends


Do you know any stories that feature how Tony and Steve became friends after the less then stellar start of their acquaintance on the Helicarrier?

First, Steve acted imo very out of character - judging someone without knowing? Sounds like bullying to me, and I always thought that Steve don't like bullies...
And second, Tony don't seem like a person who can easily forgive and I had the impression that he was hurt by the things Steve said.
I think that Steve began to realise how wrong he was after Tony flew the nuke into the portal...

So, the Avengers ignored that, but are there any fics about it?

I do not care if the story has a happy ending or ends with Tony unable to trust Steve or slash or something else.

Thanks! :)