August 15th, 2015

team member kidnapped in robbery or carjacking

This idea comes from a few stories from other fandoms that I've liked enough to read over and over, and it was also used in the Marvel One-Shot "A Funny Thing Happened..." with Agent Coulson  A team member get kidnapped or carjacked by someone who doesn't recognize him (Tony or Steve) or thinks he or she couldn't be a threat.  (After all, Natasha is just a little redheaded girl, right?  And Bruce doesn't look too threatening, and he's driving a nice looking car, right?)  Or he or she stumbles into a robbery at a liquor store or gas station.  Where the robbers are armed and don't know who they're messing with (to steal someone else's line) or is a total idiot.  This trope has been done for Supernatural, Magnificent Seven, and Buffy.  Has anyone done this for any of the Avengers?  I can see Steve walking into a corner store robbery gone bad and trying to talk the robber down while his friends wait behine the police line fretting for his safety.

Steve is kidnapped for blood by Obadiah and meets tony

Im looking for this fic and im gonna kick myself when i find out what it is bc it seems obvious
SO all i remember is that Steve was kidnapped and they keep drugging him so it taints the blood sample and he talks to tony through a gap in the wall bc they're supposed to become friends for leverage and they do and then they escape together. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks tony is dead but i might be mixing fics there. Im also pretty sure it was on ao3 but once again not sure.

Searching for two unrelated fics

I can only remember small scenes from both of them, not sure if they were fairly short fics or if these are scenes from bigger ones.

1) Steve and Bucky keep ending up in the (Avengers Tower?) gym together, not speaking, just quietly using the equipment at the same time. Bucky keeps watching Steve working out via sideways glances/mirrors, until he eventually shifts the treadmill Steve's been using so it's (I think) in the middle of the room so he can openly watch- Steve comes in, sees the new placement, doesn't say anything but gets on it anyway. It's a weird dynamic between them, heavy with tension/build up and I think it ends up with them either making out or heading to their rooms for sex.

Found in comments: It's a Steve/Bruce story, rather than Steve/Bucky

2) Recovering Bucky fic, Steve had brought him some candy he used to love (I think licorice?) that Bucky doesn't trust to not be poisoned until Steve's eaten some, which he pulls a face at because he can't stand the taste of it but he does anyway for Bucky.

Found in comments, chapter 5 of this story