August 16th, 2015

Avenger wedding almost ruined by press and crowd at church

Here's another story I liked and want to read again, but eiher I didn't save it or it's just lost in the crowd of fanfic.  It's about a wedding and the problems the family has with the press, the publicity, and the crowd.  One of the soon to be wed couple is either Tony or Steve.  The other is either Rhodey or Sam.  (Now that I think about it, Steve/Sam is more likely)  The wedding is set at an African-American church and the couple (and team) have problems getting in because of the massive crowd surrounding the building.  There are pews knocked over and someone (Clint?) crashes through a window.

This may be a single, or part of a series, I don't recall

Looking for a Stony fic with kid Peter and time traveling Howard

I believe the fic I'm looking for is on Ao3. It's a Steve/Tony fic that has a kid Peter as their kid. I believe Peter's about five or six. Howard someone ends up in the future and one day Steve has an appointment or something so he drops Peter off in a Shield room with Howard without telling Tony. When Tony finds out where Peter is he goes straight there only to find Howard yelling at Peter or hitting him or something and Peter is crying. Tony hits Howard just as Steve comes in and Steve gets mad and yells at Tony asking what kind of example he's setting for Peter. Tony doesn't care and just picks Peter up and takes them to the bathroom where they hide underneath the counter because small places make Peter feel safe. Steve comes in and apologizes for yelling at Tony and I think that's it. I can't find the story in my bookmarks anymore so help finding it would be appreciated.
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