August 18th, 2015

Daughter of woman Natasha killed tries to kill Natasha (Post-CA:TWS)

I'm 99.9% sure this was on A03, but I can't find it:

A (German, I think) woman who is the daughter of a woman Natasha killed gets all of her information after her secrets have been revealed post-CA:TWS and tries to get her revenge. She shoots Natasha and thinks she's killed her, but then we switch to Natasha's POV and see that she has survived--although the woman has also blown up Clint's place, which is what makes Natasha angrier than the attempt on her life. We switch back to the woman and her family, and Natasha has found them and given her daughter something to distract her (I want to say a lollipop or a jump rope, but I can't be sure). The woman is terrified that Natasha is going to kill them, but she just talks to her, and the woman realizes that Natasha had a similar childhood to her own, and she could have ended up much different. I believe the story ends with Natasha back with the other Avengers.

If someone can help me find this story I will be so grateful, this has been bugging me for weeks.

Searching for a specific Tony-Fury face off

I'm looking for a fic I can only remember one very specific scene from. In it, Fury is asking Tony for some notes that he inherited from Howard, either about his Tesseract research or (more likely) the Vita-Ray machine. Tony says yes, he knows which ones Fury's on about but when asked to produce them says no. He read them, understood the contents and then destroyed them (possibly shredded them, burnt the pieces then scattered the ashes in the sea? Completely destroyed, anyway.) Fury tries to insist he had no right to do so, but as they were Howard Stark's personal notes Tony wins the argument and leaves.

Anybody recognise this?

Found in comments

Tony and Steve kidnapped

Tony and Steve kidnapped
August 18th, 22:50
I'm looking for a fic, Ao3 I think, in which Steve and Tony are both kidnapped by guys who want some information from Tony that he can't give without like people dying or something. First they get Tony and I remember they drug his wine and give him some really salty pasta so he drinks it. Later on they get Steve.
Also there's this room they can both go to to see each other (otherwise they're just in their own cells) where there's always music playing and if they break any of the rules (one was that they can't give each other their food) it gets really loud to the point of pain.
Most of the time they don't do a lot to Steve while Tony's the one they torture, like they make his room pitch black and at one point I think he's electrocuted.
Also there's one attempted escape that fails when they crash a car into a tree before they successfully escape.
Thanks guys :)