August 21st, 2015


Lost a reference to Steve's strength

(sorry for the many recent posts, my brain's been on a 'hey, remember the thing' spell lately)

Might have been a headcanon post, or a line from a ficlet. Probably on tumblr, although there's a chance it was from a longer piece on Ao3. Bucky almost feels like he’s involved somewhere? Not actually sure about that point.

Basically it boiled down to Tony had stopped telling Steve that tech/equipment/things he made for him were indestructible or unbreakable, because Steve just accepted that at face value. Didn’t test the claim deliberately, just used them with the assumption that they wouldn’t break, up until they did.

Specific fic: Breakup (Tony & Steve)

Searhing for specific fic.

After reading fics written by romanoff and somanyfeels, it remind me of this fic posted at ao3 (last year, i think) where Tony broke up with Steve because Steve spent too much time Bucky. Bucky and Steve was not in a relationship. I remember Steve forgot/cancelled many dates including their anniversery date. Tony talked to Steve about this and Steve promised not to do it again. But after few months, he did the same thing again till Tony fed up and broke up with Steve.

When Bucky dating Natasha, he began to ditch Steve to spend time with Natasha. Now, Steve know how it feels like to be neglected

Tony/Steve, Omegaverse, Tony has illegal abortion


I've been looking for a this fic for ages, so I hope someone can help! I think might have been on Ao3. It's Steve/Tony pairing, set in either Omegaverse or BDSM au, I can't remember all of the details but at one point Tony has takes an illegal abortion pill to get rid of a baby fathered through non-con. When Tony loses the baby, a film of him panicking and saying "is this normal" ends up on the news the next day. Steve is there when he wakes up in hospital and is angry, so immediately tells him that he can no longer have babies, which sends him into a panic attack. They're not together at the time but they pretend it's Steve's baby for the press. Eventually they get together/were going to get together it might have been a work in progress but I feel like they were gonna be endgame.

Thanks guys :)