August 23rd, 2015

Searching for Hurt Tony fic(s)

Afternoon, Avengers Fandom!

Alrighty, first off, I'm looking for a specific fic. In said fic, Tony is hiding bruised/almost broken ribs from the team. He's discovered by Clint as he drops his ice pack, and the team reasonably flips out. I'm almost certain Cap says something like, "'I thought you said you didn't crash?'" And I'm fairly certain that somewhere in the summary was something along the lines of, "Tony is used to licking his wounds in private. But now that the Avengers are around..." Etcetera, etcetera. I'VE SPENT THREE DAYS LOOKING FOR THIS. HALP.

Because I love seeing Tony suffer, I want THE BEST hurt Tony comforty team fixes you got. All the fic. Any pairing, any rating, any length.

Thank you!