August 24th, 2015

Logan takes the kids to the Avengers

Life's a bitch when your wifi has been out for over a week and you can't find a story you're SURE you had saved.  The one I'm looking for is a X-Men/Avengers crossover starting at Xavier's school.  Logan is doing his best to keep John calm and from goin Pyro on Jean, who is constantly badgering him for every little thing.  She storms up to him while he's outside relaxing and starts berating him for being lazy and for being...him, and he very nearly flares up.  Finally, to keep himself from attacking Jean in frustration and anger, Logan takes Pyro, Rogue, and Iceman away to the Avengers.  I'd apprecieate any help on this.  I've been going through my saved files for two days an can't seem to find it.

Tony/Loki lady Loki pregnant specific fic

I am searching for a specific fic. Loki is a woman and is with Tony, she ends up pregnant. She thinks none of the avenger's realize who she really is but comes to find out they knew they just wanted her to tell them herself. There is a press conference and Loki basically tells the press to prove it about the New York invasion.
  • mathiea

Steve/Tony Civil War specific fic

Okay, I'm looking for a specific Steve/Tony fic. I'm pretty certain it was set during Civil War, and basically, Steve and Tony end up meeting up amd having pretty violent sex, with Tony bottoming. Tony ends up coming but Steve keeps going, and when Tony says it's pointless to try to get him to come again, I think Steve says something about it not being about Tony's pleasure.

Dubcon-y by some standards, defibitely dark and painful.