August 31st, 2015

Tony bothered by Natalie Rushman's report

I'd love to find any stories were Tony is haunted by Natalie Rushman's assessment to SHIELD of "Tony Stark not recommended."  I caught a few here and there were it's mentioned almost in passing that that is is stuck in Tony's head long after Fury, Coulson, and the team has forgotten it and totaly accepted both Iron Man and Tony Stark as part of the team.  I'm in the mood right now to see where Tony is not past that, whether the team accepts him or just uses him for money, lodging, and what the suit can do, and anything in between.  (The tony:hurt tag doesn't necessarily mean physical.)  Thanks, guys, you're the best!

Cap introduced to Star Wars

I'm reading some of the stories offered in my last post of just a few minutes ago and again some one mentions turning Cap onto Star Wars.  I'm always reading stories where Steve sees Star Wars or Star Trek for the first time.  Or Battlestar Galactica, or Stargate.  I don't think I've ever read how Steve reacted to them.  Has anyone ever gone that route, his first reactions to what might be in our future?  Could be gen. Could be het.  Could be slash.  Could not be, doesn't matter.  That's not the point of what I'm looking for.

And now, back to my regular fanfiction reading.  Have a nice day.
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Bucky never fell

Hey!  I'm looking for any stories where Bucky never fell from the train.  Did he save Steve so he never went into the ice?  Did he search for Steve if he fell in the ice?

If that's the case, I'd love if Bucky had already been experimented on enough that he wasn't aging or something, so that he can be there when Steve wakes up?  That would be cool.

I prefer gen, but preslash is okay, if it can be read as gen.

Thank you so much!!  :)

The Masks that Monsters Wear - Beardsley

I just discovered (to my sorrow) that this fic has been deleted from AO3. It's a dark MCU AU, intercutting between past and present, as the Avengers are picked off by the Winter Soldier, one by one. Natasha and identity and the Winter Soldier - more details below the cut. If anyone has a copy, I would really like to get it, or contact info for Beardsley. The rest of Beardsley's work is still up, but I couldn't find an LJ or DW account for them to send a PM, and it felt weird to comment on a different story just to ask about one they'd clearly taken down.


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