September 5th, 2015

The team facing racism

I've seen many stories dealing with homophobia (and could always do with a new one, hint hint), but don't think I've come across any that deals with racism.  Either against blacks (Sam and Rhodey), or against Natasha for being Russian or Thor for being from 'some place else'.  Distrust either within the team, from inside Shield, or the press and/or the public.  Okay, I have seen, once or twice, the press showing suspicion of the Russian Natasha, but just in passing, as a passing gossipy type headline and not in any actions or open hostility.  I've never seen any stories where there is objections to have Iron Patriot/War Machine or Falcon on the team.  Maybe someone questioning how Captain American, and American Icon, can stand working with those black boys or that girl...she's just eye candy yadda yadda yadda.  Or even having the 'token girl' on the team, either Natasha or Hill.  (I just can not see anyone getting in Fury's face, calling him a nig...nope, can't see that happing.)

Tony loses his leg on a mission

I may have asked for this before but I can't seem to find it.  When the team is on a mission the quinjet is shot down (it may have been some sort of lazer).  Tony is hurt either in the crash or they may have captured and escaped.  Either way, they're on the run from the enemy chacing them through a the woods or a jungle.  Tony can't get the medical help he needs and hi wounded leg goes septic.  I has to be amputat, and later, at hom Tony has to figure out how to compinsate for the missing leg in battle

Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy

Because of reasons.

I've ready the ones on AO3 and on so I'm looking for ones outside of those two sites.

Tony or Rocket centric are preferred, but anything at all is welcome

and 2, fundraiser fics. Again, Tony centric preferred, but anything fundraisery, humour, fluff, angst, drama, action

and lastly 3, I have found NO *Spoiler! Spoiler!* Clints family fics. Why is there no DIY Clint stories out there. If anyone can find them please pass them my way, clearly my searching skills are useless.
  • kathrum

2 Winter Soldier fics

I'm looking for two different fics.

First is with Bucky recovering in the Tower with the Avengers team. He thinks they have the equipment to wipe his mind again, and he sits in the chair and begs Stark to fix him.

Second is an AU scene from the movie where Bucky as the Winter Soldier was in the van with the Strike team after they capture Steve and friends. I remember Rumlow had him kneel at his feet as he tormented Steve about what they did to Bucky.

Any and all help would be much appreciated! Thanks.