September 6th, 2015

Stony Time Jump Fic

I am looking for a fic in which Tony is jumping through time in the future. Each time he wakes up, he is a little further into the future, and discovers he and Steve and in a relationship. Also, each time he jumps forward, he saves Steve's life. I originally read the story on AO3. Any help would be amazing!

team defending Steve, sympathy for Steve!

Hey guys,

I've read a lot of fic taking place after the Avengers, where the team kindly points out to Steve how wrong he was about Tony, Steve realizes his judgements were off, and apologizes.

I'd like to see the opposite, where someone points out to Tony how wrong he was about Steve, and apologies.

Doesn't have to be exactly post-Avengers, but I would love to read something where they are sympathetic to Steve's post-ice situation.


Steve literally has his mind in the past and forgets he's in the future

Here I mean Steve's mind seems to relapse in which he has moments where he forgets he's in the future and is frightened and confused by what he sees around him. He thinks it's the 1940's and asks for Howard, Peggy, Bucky, etc. He asks this of his own team, until his mind clears and he remembers where he is. It happens here and there, maybe even during missions and the teams' worried for his mental health. Maybe he even thinks the war is still going on.
So, are there fics like this? Please no Stony, no pairings. Just gen. Where his mind seems to go back and forth.
Thank you.