September 13th, 2015

Mama Barton = Loki

I am looking for a slightly older fic where it turns out that clint and barney's mother was actually loki. Barney was married and had a child who was large and blue, at first they believed that he was a mutant but it is soon figured out to be that his jotun side is dominant.
Please help.
Found- Hawkling or Say What

Specific Coffee Shop AU

I'm looking for a story where Steve, Natasha, Thor, Clint and Loki all work in a coffee shop managed by Arnim Zolo (he is never there), eventually Nat buys the shop. Eventually you learn all of them worked at SHIELD with Phil but quit because Phil was killed and brought back to life via TAHITI without there knowledge. Steve meets Bucky at the coffee shop. Thor and Loki are human.

*Fic found: link in comments.

Specific protective Natasha scene

I'm looking for a fic that was possibly a gen team fic, or a Steve/Bucky+team fic. The main scene I can remember from it was Natasha, Clint & Tony were going to kinda prank Steve & Bucky by having Natasha jump out at them to surprise them and film their reactions. She goes into their apartment, hears voices from their bedroom and sneaks towards it, phone at the ready. However, when she gets a visual she realises that Steve's comforting Bucky whose eyes are red-rimmed as if he's been crying, and there's no way she can go through with the surprising them plan. She creeps away without letting them see her, then when she gets back to the others lies and tells them they weren't in, they must have gone out.

Clint plays violin

Hello! Today, I am looking for a fic where Clint can play the violin. I only remember that he played a song that was written to be bad. The song was written to annoy others. I think JARVIS plays it when Clint wants the Avengers to do something or when Tony needs to go to sleep.

I am 99% sure I read it on archiveofourown, and 70% sure that wasn't the main point. But that's all I remember.

I'll also take recs of Avengers being able to play instruments. I don't care if they're AUs or not.