September 14th, 2015


Specific AU - Bucky is Captain America, Steve is NOT The WInter Soldier

I'm looking for an AU fic, where Bucky was the one on Red Skull's plane, and is found by SHIELD. But it diverges before that - the SSR puts Steve in cryogenic stasis, and Bucky is told Steve died. Then, somehow Steve is released or escapes and runs into Sam WIlson (literally, I think Sam was out fo a run). Steve doesn't remember anything of his past; also, he's still skinny. Sam takes him in, tries to help guide him in remembering some things. It may have been Steve/Bucky.

I know I saw it on AO3, and I think it had 6 chapters? I've gone through the bucky as Cap tag on AO3 and done several searches and have had no luck.

Thanks for your help.