September 15th, 2015

Looking 4: Tony was a howling commando, tony is in his 20s, steve forgot tony, Bucky remembers Tony

Hello, lovelies!!!

I've been looking all over for an avengers fanfiction wherein Tony Stark was secretly a Howling Commando and was once Steve's lover. For a reason I have forgotten, Tony is still in his 20s when Steve is defrosted in the modern era as per the canon timeline (maybe Tony was frozen too?). Steve Rogers has forgotten Tony, but Bucky Barnes has not. Thus, Tony and Bucky already know each other when Bucky comes to live in Avengers Tower. Steve not remembering emotionally hurts Tony, and Bucky helps him through that as a friend. Eventually, Steve remembers. Steve and Tony may or may not have been soulbound or something similar; I can't remember. Thank you in advance!!!