September 23rd, 2015

nano wrimo

Bucky's arm is actually a piece of an alien

So the fic I'm looking for is where Bucky's arm is actually a piece of an Alien known as the Winter Soldier. Hydra's symbol is the octopus because the species of Alien is afraid of "warm hugs". Thor brings a lady from Asgard to speak to these aliens (who are dropping in from a portal and killing things (they're sort of lobsterish looking I think) and she talks to the biggest of them all before Bucky is allowed to keep the arm.
Can't tell you the pairing sorry, just that I read it on AO3 and I think it's part of a series.
Hope someone can help,

Loki story

I'm looking for a story that I skimmed a little and put aside to read at another time but I've now forgotten where I put it. It started with Thor saving someone from being abused, and in the end it turns out that it's loki, whose been removed from everyone's memory by Odin and sent to be abused. Thor has to save Loki I think and take on Odin. Does anyone remember this fic?