September 27th, 2015

Kuroko Edit

Specific Steve-centric fic and identity reveal fic recs

I heard about this one fanfic where Steve is a teacher and he's found out to be Captain America due to some circumstances, does anyone know of it or have a pdf or something?

Also, are there any other fics where one of the Avengers or Phil or Darcy or Jane or someone is found out to be one or have connection to one for whatever reason?

Looking for story: Tony tastes mud/sand while eating

Hi all,

I am looking for a story and unfortunately I don't remember a lot about it, like name or author, but I know I read it on AO3. I think it was a series, but it could just have several chapters. I remember that Clint was speaking with Tony and Tony spoke about Afghanistan and how he didn't eat as much as he should because everything tasted like mud/sand. Later, Clint told Coulson, who was cooking, about what Tony said and that he should add more garlic to the soup for Tony. I think it was a team learning about each other fic, but I have been reading a lot of those, so I could have that mixed up. I hope that someone can remember it.


peggy and tony relationship

So I was rewatching Agent Carter and it make me realize Tony must have known Peggy growing up. So does any one have any recs for Peggy being an influence in Tony's life? I don't care who Tony is paired with, though I think this puts an interesting twist on his relationship with Steve.