October 11th, 2015


Fic Search - Frigga takes over Asgard

I don't remember most of the fic, just that Loki is the son of Laufey and Odin. Odin is also the father of Fenrir, by Loki, perpetrated when Loki discovered Odin and Laufey getting it on. Loki was also sleeping with Baldur for a time, before Baldur was married off and raped Loki as a "goodbye".

Somehow Loki ends up teaming up with the Avengers to get his various kids back. Frigga joins as well, with Tyr (and I think Heimdall?), and declares war/rebells against Odin, taking over Asgard. At some point in it all Baldur is assassinated by... Clint I think?

Specific fic search, on AO3, Conference Room Confrontation

I tried to post this to the Cap-IM finders community, but I'm going to give it a go at this more trafficked venue. Here is a modified version of the original post:

Okay, I don't have many details to go on, but I remember reading this fic on AO3 when I first got into this paring, so it's older (ish... I would guess about two years), and I was basically reading down the top rated fics (sorted by kudos) in the fandom, so it's a more popular fic as well. I don't remember much except for a Tony POV, team stuff, and a confrontation in a conference room post-battle. In the conference room Tony sort of bluffs Steve about their are-we/are-we-not status, not expecting Steve to actually be willing to launch a discussion about their budding relationship in front of the team. Naturally, Steve does. I remember there being kind of a funny bit about Bruce being really uncomfortable being an unwilling 3rd party to such a conversation, but Natasha was into it. I know it's not much to go on, but it's driving me crazy trying to find this. Definitely-probably movie!verse

I think the confrontation might have been about Tony running away after Steve kissed him (or he kissed Steve), and the post-battle debrief was the first opportunity Steve had to talk about it, hence why Tony tried to bluff him out, not expecting he would be willing to have that talk in front of everyone. I remember a line about how Tony thought he should have known better because Steve was the bravest man he knew. Set Post-Avengers, naturally, but before any of the Phase 2 stuff, to further attempt to age it.


Looking for specific story: Teenage Tony has Steve and Bucky as mates

Hi all,

I know that I am going to kick myself when someone answers this, but I really don't remember where I read it. Steve and Bucky come back from the war, and go see Howard where they meet a young Tony. Howard doesn't pay much attention to Tony because he is an omega. It turns out that once Tony is a teenager, Steve and Bucky are his mates.

Trigger warning Non-con:

Howard attempts to molest Tony during his first heat (Tony was early), since Howard had not found an alpha to be with Tony during his heat.

Thank you lots!

Found: http://avengerkink.livejournal.com/20598.html?thread=49740918#t49740918