October 15th, 2015

Steve/Tony fic (Nightmares, cuddling)

Looking for a Steve/Tony fic.

The only thing I remember is that Steve has nightmares and Tony finds out so he tells Steve that if he ever needs to talk to someone, to call him anytime. Well, Steve has a nightmare and he tells JARVIS to call Tony. It's like four AM and Tony is all pissed saying wtf who's calling me jarvis wtf and Steve apologizes for calling so late, but then Tony says Jesus F Christ and hangs up. Steve thinks Tony is pissed at him and there's a line that goes "The silence is the worst."

Turns out Tony hung up so that he could go to Steve's room and they could cuddle (this is before they get into a relationship). Then Tony tells him that he can ask Tony to come over any time. Help?