October 25th, 2015

supernatural/horror au

Looking for supernatural/horror AU.

Any recommendation? Preferred Tony's POV or focusing on Tony. I read Whistling past the graveyard series by LinneaKou, Some would sing (and some would scream) by proser132, Memoria-verse by Kyu_Momo and Project: Rebirth by LagLemon.

Steve Rogers gets flack for drawing two girls at tourist spot.

Help! I've veen looking through my files but I can't remember which story this scene is from, it's only a small bit in a much larger story, so I didn't not it in the title.  Steve is tooling around the country on his motorcycle.  He's stopped at some nature tourist spot (maybe the Grand Canyon; something beautiful and large) and he was sketching it.  There are two young women in his view and they approach him angrily.  They thought he was staring because they were a lesbian couple; he had his eyes on them because they were beautiful with the grand background.  They had already gotten a lot of hostility from their families, so they were expecting the same from the guy staring at them.