October 30th, 2015

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Kid/JiM Loki ends up in Avengers movie

Kid/JiM Loki ends up in Avengers movie, MCU Loki thinks kid Loki is his son and makes brainwashed Clint protect him. I remember kid Loki hugging his 'dad,' wondering if he can help free Clint and Selvig, and wearing a shirt that implied he's lying.
I'm fairly certain this was a kink meme fill but can't recall if it as norsekink or avengerkink...

abusive Coulson, oblivious Clint

Ugh, this should be so simple, idk why I can't find the right AO3 tags.

Post Avengers, when Tony invites the team to move in with him, he and the others are mildly surprised when Clint is very very neat and tidy and doesn't decorate and sticks to a specific schedule for eating, but they pretty much decide it's trauma/grief/natural quirkiness and move on. After ever-more creepy hints that something is not right, I believe it's Tony and Steve who discover a heavily-notated SHIELD handbook which reveals how Coulson had governed every aspect of his and Clint's home life and convinced him that he deserved to be punished for infractions such as eating outside certain times and decorating incorrectly. Punishments that I can recall included going without food and having a prized bow smashed. Tony, Steve (maybe it was Bruce, but I think Steve) and Natasha are Very Unhappy with this and begin the long process of getting Clint into a better headspace about living arrangements. They agree not to try to convince him that Coulson was abusive because he's already mourning the guy, why make it worse? Pretty sure it ended without any sort of Coulson lives reveal.

Thank you very much, dear fellow fans!

FOUND: Strength of Materials by harcourt 

Spideypool - Building collapses on Wade

Hey Folks, I'm looking for a Spideypool fic on Ao3 in which there is a scene where Spiderman and Deadpool go to help the Avengers evacuate a burning building and Deadpool is shielding a kid by, I think, supporting the ceiling or something so Spiderman has to run the kid out and he turns to go back but Iron Man stops him and he's like "Wade's still in there" and the building collapses on Wade and he takes home Wade's remains and lays them out on the bed and stays in Wade's apartment until he's all healed.

Edit - FOUND: Mistakes by WebbedUpKatanas