November 3rd, 2015

Looking For a Story where the Avengers are Teachers . . .


As the title says, I'm looking for a story where the Avengers are masquerading as teachers.

Tony has lost his company to Obadiah (?) and he and Pepper are teaching at a highschool, though he does his Iron Man thing . . . I believe it's to destroy what Obadiah -- if i'm not mixing this story up with another -- is doing to the company. For some reason, Clint and Natasha are also teachers, and are joined by Steve, who teaches Art.

Tony and Steve start a relationship, but have to part several times because their respective Superhero identities are needed.

Also, the names of the students are the names of the actors who play our favorite heroes.

Any ideas? :D

As Always, TIA!! :D
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Time Travel Story . . . Stories . . .

Greetings Again! :D

I am actually looking for two specific Time Travel Stories . . . at least, I think they're 2 . . . maybe it's the same story . . .

Anyway, Tony travels back through time, to the time before Steve becomes Cap. He is found by Steve (I think Bucky lives there too) and they let him live with them. Tony fixes stuff in the apartment for the guys in return for being allowed to stay.

In the next one, again, Tony travels back through time, but he's with his father, and he and Howard tell everyone he's Howard's brother. Tony and Steve fall in love, and when Steve wakes up, he wonders where/how Howard's 'brother' is . . . for some reason Tony remembers the guy as a drunk or something, and tells Steve that . . .

I know there's not a whole lot of info to go on, but if anyone can find this/these tales, that would be so awesome!!

I truly Thank You In Advance . . . AGAIN! :D