November 4th, 2015

Tony Stark (and team) doing charity for ill or disabled children.

Twice this year Robert Downey Jr has been an internet (and news) sensation, going out of his way to help a 7 year old boy; one has cystic fibrosous and the other was born without part of his arm.  (Google Robert Downey Jr bionic arm & Robert Downey Jr Tigger to see the stories.)  He utilized his Tony Stark persona to bring the first boy an arm and compared it to his gauntlet, then dressed up as Tigger to brighten up the other boy's life after he was bullied, then invited him to the new Avengers premiere. This got me to wondering if there is any fanfic of Tony Stark/Iron Man (with or without the team with him) doing this type of thing for children who come to his attention or in a hospital.  I've also seen footage from two or three years ago where RDJ showed up at a costume contest, with kids of all sizes, boys and girls, in some fantastic Iron Man costumes.  He led them all to proclaim together "I am Iron Man."  I'd love to see Tony Stark doing this.  I see a lot of fanfic where The Maria Stark Foundation does a lot of charity work.  I can see this working together.

I know there's one scene (I think it's in the "Love is For Children" series) where the Avengers throw a birthday party for a little girl because her original party was crashed by doombots.