November 8th, 2015

  • tabbica

Sick Steve Fic and a Hulk story

Hi there

I'm looking for two specific fics that I'd like to reread that I can't find anymore.

If I remember correctly, the first one was a two part series. I do not remember much from the first part of the story. Only that the avengers where fighting above a river and there was a kind of bubble lift? While trying to protect the people in the lift one of them (I think it was Steve) got badly injured and fell in the water and nearly drowned.
The second part of this story was that the team went to an island that Tony owned for vacation and to recover. Steve went very ill. He was sure that the serum would fail and that he was about to turn in his pre-serum self. He had a bunch of flashbacks and rememberd that his father was abusiv.

The second one was (I think) a one shot placed directly after the Avengers movie. The team helped to clean up New York and Bruce went to help some construction workers. I think it was POV of the foreman as he watched the Hulk help...

It would be wonderful if someone could point the stroies out to me :)

Thank you!