November 9th, 2015


Clint vs Rumlow

I'm would love to read a fic centered around Rumlow's extreme dislike of Clint. It could be for a variety of reasons but at the top of my list it would be someone to the effect of "I can't believe an uneducated carney outranks/out-spars/out-everything's me."

Bonuses would include homophobia (whether Clint is openly gay or presumed to be) and/or ableism (if you go against movie canon, which I prefer, to make Clint deaf or HOH).

If there isn't one of these out there, could anyone rec a good kinkmeme site for Avengers or MCU? So I can't put this up as a prompt.



So, I read this fic a while back. I think it was on ao3 or something. It goes like this: Steve and Tony are going out. Bucky returned and Steve spent all his time taking care of Bucky. Tony understood why Steve had to do it, but he can't gelp hurting over it. He starts drinking a lot until Steve notice. There was a scene where when Steve found Tony in his room, Tony thought Steve was a halucination. There's a lot of angst and then happy ending. I thought I bookmarjed the fic but apparently not...Anyway, if anyone knows what it is and where I can read it again, it would be FANTASTIC. I've been craving this particular story for a while now...