November 11th, 2015

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Loki befriends the x-men

I was hoping to find some story similar to A Villain State of Mind by Mikkeneko ( -Loki-centric pics where he befriends/fits in with the mutants. any pairings are fine, though i'm hoping for longer completed pics.

steve is oblivious.

Last time I saw this it was unfinished. I'd like to see if it went any further and read it again. Tony was always flirting with Steve with big romantic gestures and Steve thought it was all a joke/game. It finally came to a head with Tony or someone asking why Steve didn't return the feelings and he said "because you're Tony Stark!" at which point I think Clint exclaimed that Captain America is an asshole.

Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, Tony and Bucky voyeurism

I remember a scene where Tony is watching a video feed from Steve's room, and Sam and Steve start to have sex. He knows he shouldn't watch but just stays there. At some point he makes popcorn. He slowly becomes aware of the Winter Soldier in the room, watching with him. It's clear that Bucky is there watching to protect Steve. Bucky also isn't quite sure what he's watching, so he asks Tony if it looks like Steve is enjoying himself. Tony affirms this, and they keep watching. I think it was after an Avengers party?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

ETA: yay, found! Thanks anon!

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