November 25th, 2015

Madame Red

Aged Tony Fics

So recently I've seen a number of stories with a focus on Tony being a silver fox (the figurative kind, not the literal) and I was wondering if anyone knew any good fanfics which were mostly Tony focused which had to do with how Tony is going to be pretty old real soon and that pretty much everyone on the team (Thor, Steve, Bruce, and Natasha depending on the source) are never going to age. So any old person Tony fanfics?

Stucky - Bucky Helps Steve Escape Shield to live live together

Hello. I am looking for a Stucky fanfic where James helps Steve escape from Shield/shield surveillance. Steve goes to a coffee shop regularly to get the shield agents use to that routine. Natasha is in charge of the detail and knows that something is going on. In the end, Steve gets out via the Subway system and lives with Bucky near a deli shop (maybe?) with two dogs.

Stucky, broken bonds

Heya guys!

I'm looking for any and all fics revolving around Bucky and Steve being mates before/during the war and having their bond broken when Bucky dies, and as a result, how this affects Steve when he wakes up in the future; particularly when he finds out that Bucky is still alive.

Please and thank you :)