November 29th, 2015

sucker punch

Tony centric re-education camp

Looking for any fics where Tony is something that Howard (the world even) considers lesser, weak, not good enough in general so he sends Tony to a camp to "Fix" him. I thinking along the lines of in a Sentinel and Guide world, Tony is a guide, in an A/B/O world Tony is an omega, in a D/s world he is a sub etc etc etc. The Fix in general and in the long run is damaging mentally possibly physically for those who experienced it. Something like what Justin Hammer's parents did to him in the Trickster Souls series on AO3.

Along those lines, there is a specific fic that i can't seem to find, where there is a vivid description of Tony's mindscape, where is it just devestation, just crumbles and ruins and broken walls everything including his inner minds depiction of himself. In his mind Tony is a broken robotic version of himself with missing pieces and rusted wires exposed insides. There may be a mention of the Sword of Damocles as sort of a code word or process that is mentioned to help with some sort of bonding???, I believe pepper knows what to do (if that is from a separate fic i'd like that one too)

Younger Clint Fics

Hello! I'm looking for fics that either revolve around or significantly contain a younger Clint, in the sense of Clint being the youngest of the avengers (either a teen or a young adult, even a child but not de-aged). It can be Gen or with pairings (Clint/any except Clint/Coulson), AU or canon, any genre, I don't really mind. Thanks in advance!

Drunk Steve

I'm hoping this sounds familiar to someone. It's either Tony/Steve or Tony & Steve friendship. Thor brings back mead or ale or some type of alcohol from Asgard. I believe it only makes the drinker as drunk as they wish to be. Steve finds that it works on him and because he is sad/depressed/missing the past he starts drinking it nearly all of the time. Tony finds out and realizes just how bad Steve is feeling. He starts spending time with him and they grow close. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I know I read it on AO3 if that helps.

Loki centric

I'm looking for a fic and I don't remember much. It was probably Loki/Thor or Loki/Tony, because that's primarily what I read, but honestly it could be any paring or even no paring. I only remember two scenes: Loki has a kid with Odin's brother (his uncle) who is the God of light or something like that. And for one scene they are in the woods together. The other scene I remember, Loki is at a feast with his kid and the father is there as family. For some reason the kids last name is mentioned and everyone realizes that this kid belongs to Loki and his uncle.
Sorry that's all I can remember, but I have so much faith in all of you. Thank you!!!