December 6th, 2015


looking for several fics!

Hey guys!

Looking for quite a few fics.

1) anything where any of the Avengers (other than Tony) feel left out or left behind, either in reality or perception

2)any fic where Steve 'runs' away from SHIELD or the Avengers; I remember a specific one where he disappeared from New York, then turned up at Tony's house in Malibu

3)your favourite fic (preferably gen, but I'm not terribly picky) about Steve finally catching up to the Winter Soldier (or vice versa)

4)fic that highlights friendship between Steve and Clint, and Steve and Thor

Thanks guys!!!

Bucky's presence breaks up Steve and Tony

I'm looking for more of what Annehiggins calls "Tony falls apart because Budky is back" stories.  I have her "Never Gonna Happen," "Broken" by babygirl_me, and somanyfeels' twosome of "So Selfish" and "Only Fair."  I'd love to find more stories where Steve and Tony are a couple and happy together until Buck shows back up.  Whether it's Steve spending so much time trying to bring his best friend back to himself that he forgets about or just neglits Tony, or Bucky's jealouy coming between the couple, whatever you can recommend.  There's one story I recall where Steve kept trying to get a friendship goin between his best friend and his lover that he never noticed the hostility between the two, chiding Tony for his seeming dislike of Bucky, not realizing that it was only in response to Bucky's hateful attitude toward Tony.  Anybody know that one?