December 11th, 2015

Hal Tied Up

General search: Tony calming Hulk, Loki and Thor calming each other

Can be Bruce/Tony or just them as science bro BFFs, but I'd like to see some fics in which he Hulks out & Tony calms him down or in which he's about to Hulk out & Tony gets to him before he does.

Alternatively, if there's any fics in which Thor or Loki loses it (goes berserker, whatever) and the other calms him down, I'd love that too.


Specific Fic Where Tony is a God

A while ago I read a fic on either A03 or (I think) and now when I want to find it again I can't. Will you please help me find it?

It had Tony as some sort of god or deity that got stronger when people prayed to him. I remember that towards the end they were gearing up for a war of some sort and I think Asgard came to Earth to help out (or fight agains them, idk, they were fighting at least). I also remember a scene where Tony were sick or weak and Steve and Clint helped him heal by believing. One of them was his warrior the other his priest I think, I can't remember who was what. I don't think it had any pairings actually. I do believe the fic was completed but I'm not sure but I do know it was multi-chaptered.

Does anyone recognise this?

EDIT: I found it myself! I forgot I sometimes read fic in other languages. It's Il souriait by aerial and it's in french. :)