December 22nd, 2015

Poly and other fics?

Hey all,
So I was thinking about ships and whatnot and was wondering if there were any good
Clint/Tony/Pietro fics out there?

And I was also looking for any Threesome/Moresome avenger fics that include Tony.

And another search (I know, I get bombarded by these all the time) would be any fics where all the Avengers are together, or just a threesome with Insecure!Tony. Don't care what he's insecure over, but I love those types of stories:-)

And another one would be any good AU fics? Would prefer slash, but it's fine of they're not. I'm not a fan of Stucky though (no offense to those who are).

And there was another one that I was thinking about but now I can't remember it...

Looking for a fic

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a fic that I had previously read and forgot to bookmark. The only thing I remember is that Betty Ross saves one of the Avengers with the help of James Rhodes from a secret military base. I think she flies a helicopter or Rhodey does in the rescue. I think they rescued Steve but it could have been someone else.

Thanks in advance!