December 23rd, 2015

  • konanay

Hellraiser crossover

So I'm looking for a hellraiser/avengers/iron man crossover it was deleted from ao3 so I'm not sure if it can be found but it was amazing. Basically Tony Starks mom is a cenobite and his dad created the new configuration that tony has in his chest(not the arc reactor). When they both die he wants to join his mom in hell so he kills himself but he is punished for doing so because he wasted his life and is sent back skinned alive. Also he is in a relationship with chatterer. And possibly cane from xmen. Pinhead is his grandfather and the female is his grandmother. They call Tony Requiem.

Tony doesn't like to be handed things

I have this particular scene from a fic stuck in my head and it's driving me crazy because I can't remember what fic it's actually from.  In it, Tony doesn't like to be handed things so Coulson accepts a folder meant for Tony, but the folder has been laced with some sort of poison.  Coulson ends up being fine, but Tony feels really guilty about what happened.  Does anyone know what fic I'm talking about?  Thanks in advance!

Someone recognizing Tony's physical strength

"Tony plucked her up and set her on a workbench like she was five years old...It always surprised her how physically strong he was.  It shouldn’t.  He was a mechanic and the lean, ropey muscles weren’t for show."

This is a line from "Ice and Fire" by SteeleHoltingOn.  Reading this I wondered if there was any other fic where someone remarked on or was surprised at how strong Tony Stark actually was.  Not Iron Man, but Tony himself.  I do recall a scene in Iron Man where I think Tony was working on his suit, wearing a wife beater which showed off his magnificent, muscular upper body.