December 31st, 2015

R: Penguins

Pepper and Rhodey take on General Ross

I keep thinking about a specific scene from a fic, but I can't remember what fic it comes from.

The scene I'm remembering has General Ross from the Hulk movies bringing all of his men to Avengers Tower for Bruce. Rhodey confronts him in the War Machine/Iron Patriot armor and Pepper confronts him with amazing red tape I think.

I can't even remember what pairing the fic had if any.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

FOUND: Damaged Defenders - WIP - As of 01/02/16 the last update was 12/18/2015

It was a little different then I remembered, no Pepper in this specific scene.

Tony feels replaced by Bucky

Hey my darling fandom fellows!

I've seen a minor trope in the fandom where when Bucky returns and is brought back to Avengers tower, Tony feels a little neglected and/or replaced.

Basically its a look at Tony's insecurities which is only exacerbated by the fact that Tony is usually in a relationship with Steve and Steve is paying more time and care to Bucky.

I remeber this one fic specifically that im trying to find but all i remeber is that the description talks about how Bucky can call Natasha, Nat and Tony isnt allowed to do that. I also know Tony gets hurt in the fic too during an assemble fight.

So my two part search is for the fic I described above and just a general one for insecure Tony threatened by the reappearance of Bucky.


Edit: Specific fic found in comments, but other recs welcome!

Any such fics where Tony visited Steve when he was still frozen?

I was thinking back on the Avengers movie where Coulson admitted to watching Steve while he was sleep. I wondered if any existed where Tony also visited Steve, and/or watched Steve before he was woken. Maybe on his own or along with Coulson. Be nice to find any, but I'd love it if it was just gen and not really a pairing.
Thank you