January 22nd, 2016


Darcy Tony's mother

I recently read two very similar fic's surrounding Darcy traveling back in time and becoming Maria Stark.

Bygone by


I'll be careful while I'm climbin' 'cause it hurts a lot to drop by

both are great but I want more like this.
does anyone know where there are some more?

Looking for specific fic

Hello, I am looking for a fic. I don't remember much about it but I think Steve got de-serumed. He remained in his post-serumed body because it was coded into his DNA or something but got all of his ailments from before the serum. I vaguely remember Steve being given a watch to monitor his vitals and Vision being protective and caring of Steve in his own way. Sam looked after him and maybe there was some Sam/Steve moments? i'm not sure. Although Sam was pretty freaked out about Steve when he almost died multiple times???? Someone help me please.