January 28th, 2016


Loki is Buckys Father

I'm looking for a fic where Loki finds Bucky, his son, restores his memory of who he was, he might regrow his arm, I'm not sure. Bucky wakes up and doesn't know how he got there, I think he remembers everything he did as the Winter Soldier, he does not know Loki is his dad. There is a scene when he is on Asgard, Thor loves his nephew and wants him there but others don't like him because of his father. I think it's Steve/Bucky fic. Thanks for any help.

Tony and Bucky

I have a few requests for this one!

1. Any fics where Tony and Bucky meet and they end up becoming friends/best friends/buddies. Extra points if Steve is surprised or jealous of their friendship. Extra extra if Tony works on Bucky's arm a lot.

2. Pretty much the one above but with a Tony/Bucky relationship.

3. Or one where Bucky and Tony actually knew each other before Steve found him somehow and everyone is just confused.

4. Specific fic- Bucky is incredibly fond of Tony and lights up whenever he's in the room, calling him russian nicknames. And everyone knows but Tony is confused i think by Buckys behavior towards him. It was on ao3.
Thank you!