March 9th, 2016


Looking for a specific fic about: Tony suicide attempt bc of exhaustion

Hi all.

I recently read a fic and forgot to bookmark - would appreciate if you all could help me out. I've checked the Tony overwork tag but it's not one of the ones listed. The specific story I'm looking for was most likely on AO3. It's a Tony-centric fic, where Tony is very overworked/exhausted. And in the middle of a battle he pretty much just purposefully plows into the ground. When he wakes up in the hospital, Pepper is there and explains that based on what Jarvis told them they believe he attempted to kill himself. Tony eventually tells (I think Steve?) someone that he just wanted everything to stop.

Hope that helps a little - I think it's a more recent fic? Burning Candles is similar but not the one I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance!!

Specific Fic Search: Steve/Darcy Kid Fic

I read this a while ago and apparently didn't bookmark it, and now I can't find it anywhere.
It was on AO3 I believe,

Basically Steve and Darcy have been dating for a while when a still recovering Buck and Steve have a big fight.
Steve decided to leave for a while and goes to a cabin Tony owns up state in the mountains.
After he leaves Darcy finds out she's pregnant, but decides not to tell Steve for now, not wanting to pressure him into returning.
In Steve's absence Bucky steps up taking care of Darcy, which actually helps in his recovery.
The story follows Darcy through her pregnancy and eventually her going up to visit Steve.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Tony/Steve Dub-con misunderstanding

Heya, I'm looking for a fic that I think is on Ao3 in which Tony has been sex pollened somehow (may have been an Alpha/Omega fic) and he can't remember what happened, then in the kitchen he gets a sudden memory of Steve in bed with him with an erection against his ass and leaps to assumptions, yelling at Steve. Jarvis then plays Tony the actual footage of what happened and it turned out that he had been begging Steve and the Super-Soldier kept his hands to himself as much as possible. He found Steve and apologized and they kissed and made up.
Thanks Guys :)