April 12th, 2016

Accidentally misstreating and/or ignoring significant other


I'm looking for fics that have a character accidentally ignoring or mistreating his or her significant other. Preferably the misstreated character comes to the realisation that it's wrong and either leaves or takes some kind of action. I don't have any pairing preferences.

If you think of a similar story that doesn't involved a pairing, feel free to share anyway, I would love to read it.

I've already read Are you the one? (Yep that was me) by Rainne (Bucky/Darcy/Steve) and So Selfish by Somanyfeels (Steve/Tony), which I both recommend.

Looking for Specific Hurt!Tony fic

Hey everyone! I'm looking for a Steve/Tony fic I read on AO3. Here's what I remember: Bucky pretty much hates Tony and Tony&Steve's relationship starts to fall apart because of that. I think Tony might have been jealous of Bucky?

There's this one scene where, in the middle of a battle, Tony saves Bucky from an explosion and they end up in a collapsing building together. Knowing that there isn't enough time to get them both out of there, Tony chooses to use the last of the power in his suit to propel Bucky out of the building. Tony says something like "take care of him" and saves Bucky. The last thing Tony sees before the building collapses is Bucky's horrified face.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me find this fic!